Graduate School of Art Suceava 1999
Graduate Theology Orthodox Faculty Bucharest  2004  specialty “Religious Painting”
Painter authorized by the commission of Romanian Patriarchy



Graduate School of Art Pitesti 2000
Graduate Theology Orthodox Faculty Bucharest  2004  specialty “Religious Painting”
Autorized Painter


A complete training is achieved with the completion of higher education and obtaining the painter authorization which certifies the traditional manner that respects all the canons of both Byzantine fresco paintings and icons as well.

Byzantine art finds its roots in Saints Constantine and Helen Empire and defines itself as a perfect mark on eastern religion that underlines the radical difference between sacred art and secular art.
In other words the Byzantine painting as well as Byzantine music spiritually crowns sanctity and the sacredness of the Orthodox Church.

Keeping the tradition of the Church with an extensive documentation which includes the finest Byzantine works, our team kept in the most authentic and unique atmosphere the technique of Byzantine painting.
In a world where today there are almost no differences between true and false several aspects of the technique must be specified:

  • Fresco has been rightly considered since ancient times until today the most durable and exquisite painting technique dating back over 6,000 years. Under this argument, our team keeps working exactly the traditional technique, using the old lime and sand mixed with tow for black fresco followed by white fresco and using best pigments on the market.
  • Icons have their genesis in the III-VII Century of  Byzantine Empire, and here as well the technique is perfecting itself in VIII-XII Century. Following Byzantine canons and techniques, our icons are made of linden wood carved coffer resistance feathered back and gilded with gold leaf.


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